NVGs don't blink.
Most people call it a sand storm. I'm not most people. Sand particles are usually much bigger than the
stuff that was raining down on us. Plus when sand gets wet it's pretty easy to clean off. This stuff
was turning into clay. Think baby powder.


Hamdee Pizza, no pepperoni, no canadian bacon.
At the time everybody was using either Mega Man 7 or Mega Man NES as their avatars in comics.
I decided to go with Mega Man Genesis. Again mostly because I'm not most people.


I had yet to discovered Bob and Tom, so I was still ripping off Johnboy and Billy.


I had struggled for a while about using my sprite as the main character.
It comes off as blatantly copying Dave Anez and thousands since.
I stuck with it because I was so obstinate. I did consider having Ravy join the Army and be the main character.
I chucked that idea because of his character design.
Why create whole new sprites when I have all these premade ones I can rip off?